Thursday, August 1, 2013

Government Officials

Seeing as the Old Red Dragon was in a cooperative mood, I took a bit of time out from mowing to spread the rest of the stone I bought back in May (rather than shoveling it all by hand as I had been doing).  The crotchety, smelly beast and I were making good progress when a bunch of government officials showed up to get in the way inspect the job.

Some officials are so much easier to deal with then others.

I had to get out all my paperwork and undergo an extensive inspection, sheesh, what a lot of bureaucracy!

Then there were meetings, meetings, meetings....

along with the inevitable little groups that form and have to have their own private little meetings.

They decided they had to see actual work in progress....

before they finally gave the project a reluctant ears-up.


  1. Thanks so much for the visit. Yes your hiking with the donkeys is inspiring also. When Eddie was weaned I took him hiking with me all of the time.
    Eddie is a 'blue roan' looking donkey gelding that I plan on riding.

    I love love love your post and smiled. I know what it is like to have inspectors.
    Badger used to take my tools!

  2. Wonderful! Those inspectors look very thorough.... thank goodness for the long ears seal of approval.... the donkey work can now continue!

  3. I love seeing Ramsey look up to his big friend, Tessa, without fear of bullying!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. In answer to your question. My donkeys have alternating pastures. Both are very woodsy. One more so than the other. They clean up berry briars and browse contentedly in one.
    When they stand at the gate and bray while I am feeding others I walk up and check their woods.
    Then I switch them to a combo woods and a small meadow where they are content to eat the meadow grasses and weeds... they love thistle blossoms and then they hide out in the woods by the creek.

    I think they have about 5 acres in each spot. We have much more woods to fence in. They and the mules are good for cleaning underbrush up.

  5. Ha ha this post cracked me up! Great pictures :) Those inspectors are always a hand full!