Monday, May 13, 2019

The Dust Bites Another One

I have done it again - I've killed off yet another camera.  Poor things just aren't made to live in dusty, hay-filled, rained on, knocked around pockets where I also stuff work gloves and the occasional random tool (or 3). 

I was trying to get some shots of Tessa a couple days ago and the lens on the poor thing was making horrible grinding noises.  Only about 1 out of 10 tries actually took a picture and they are all sort of hazy.

Seeing as we are on day 328 of the mule cooking process, I figured I'd better get my act together and find a new camera. 

What I really want is a good quality camera that will fit in a pocket, take great pictures and can survive my lifestyle. 

So.....I ordered a cell phone that is supposed to have a good camera and a water/dust proof case for it.  If I stand in the middle of my pasture and wiggle my toes, it might even be able to make a phone call.


Hopefully, it will get here and I will be able to figure out how to use it before the pony pops. 


  1. She's so purdy!
    Good luck with the new cell phone camera. Just be sure you have a good holder to help protect it.

  2. We've read that line before Kris:" a good quality camera that will fit into my pocket, take great pictures and survive my lifestyle". I hope you ordered a 'smart' phone - so maybe now you can post pics on Instagram!!! Tessa is HUGE!!!

    1. Instagram huh? It is a smartphone so we will see:)

  3. Tessa looks good. The newer phones do have nice cameras. I also hear that you can call people on them.....

  4. I bought a pocket camera that is supposed to be freezeproof, drop proof, and water proof...I always have my doubts, but that is the camera that rides in the pocket with hay chaff and other nefarious things.
    I accidentally washed it with a prewash last week. Guess what? It survived intact with no issues!
    Anyway love the photos of your mule baby!