Monday, August 15, 2016

The BIG Reveal

It was a spur of the moment thing.  I honestly don't know what came over me.  Mammoth donkeys are very rare in these parts and well trained riding and driving mammoths are generally unheard of.  I guess it was the wagon ride and the lure of having a nice driving donkey that did it.

I didn't set out to get another donkey.  I resisted.  Truly.

All summer, everyone has been sending me links to this donkey and he was only 30 minutes away, but I said, "NO, get thee behind me Satan, I will not give in to temptation!".  

But then I did.

His name is Ben.

We're all surprised.

Some of us more so than others.

I had to lock Tessa up for a short while as she wanted to protect "her" donkeys from this intruder.  If anyone would make a good guard donkey, it is Tessa.  A pack of coyotes wouldn't know what hit them.  Once Tessa decided that he meant no harm, she accepted him with no qualms.  He is a bit intimidated by her, but, so far, he prefers her company.

Emma is wary, but deeply intrigued.

Which is actually a pretty good summation of her personality now I think about it.

Maybe she thinks she is looking in a mirror.

Ben is not so sure that he wants any new donkey friends.

And Ramsey?  My poor little Ramsey who is just a bit of a momma's boy and who is also, maybe, perhaps, a teensey, tiny bit sheltered and spoiled?  He is frightened and appalled.

I do hope that everyone just needs a bit of time.  Ben got here on Friday afternoon and he is missing his Catalonian girlfriend.  Emma and Ramsey are not used to anything intruding on their kingdom. Tessa, once she decided her guard duties were unnecessary, is content to let the donkeys sort themselves out.

I hope they do sort themselves out.  God knows what I'll do if they can't live together in peace.


  1. He's beautiful! I'm sure that it will all settle in a day or two once the herd dynamics are sorted out.

  2. All in good time. Carson would know this scenario well, Welcome Ben. I hope you're not too homesick. You ARE a handsome fellow!

  3. OMG Kris!!! Congratulations! Wow - Ben is gorgeous! How old? Training history? Why was Ben needing a new home? And yeah, it's so hard to ask them to make a huge change in their lives and leave buddies - donkeys bond very firmly to one another. I would LOVE to have a big donkey but my barn is full I'm afraid, especially in winter when covered shelter is at a premium. I will stay tuned to hear about how they all get along - Ramsey reminds me a bit of my Siog. Phew! big news ....

  4. Ahhh welcome Ben and Ramsey - well you are gonna have to suck it up dude!

  5. Ramsey has a GUY to play with! :-) I'm looking forward to lots of fun posts!
    Cynthia has already ask the other questions.

  6. He is beautiful, and I can totally see why you were tempted! :) I bet they all get along just fine - they're sure off to a good start. Tessa and Ben do look a lot alike. New love???

  7. Ooh, that's right! Maybe you need to send Tessa over to Farm Buddy for awhile! That would solve her problem perfectly!

  8. Oh, and congrats on the big guy :-D. He's awesome!

  9. Congratulations!!! He is a handsome big boy! Looking forward to hearing more about him. (Cynthia asked some good questions.)

  10. He is about the size of my donkey Eddie! How nice! He looks like a large standard though, as he doesn't have the stockiness of a mammoth. But I could just be mixing my definitions too.
    Are you going to ride him? I've ridden a few donkeys and they were quite nice rides.

  11. Congratulations, Kris! I'm not a bit surprised; I know you're a big softie. I'm looking forward to meeting him! Sending positive thoughts for a successful meshing of the personalities, but I think they'll all be fast friends in no time.

  12. The new addition to the family is sure a handsome guy - - congrats to all of you. I'm sure your other "kids" will soon adjust and be glad to have another member in the herd. Welcome Ben!