Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Here's Your Chance

This is Bodie, Ben's teammate.

Is he not beautiful?  Seriously, check out those lovely ear tufts. Who could resist?

He is as sweet and kind on the inside as he is beautiful on the outside.

There is also a bit of the devil hidden under that sweet demeanor.  He loves to instigate mock battles with his playmates and I suspect he knows as much, if not more, about feed room doors as Ben does. There is a clever mind in there dreaming up new schemes so he is not all sweet innocence.  What donkey is?  What fun would that be after all?

He has a lot of driving experience and is very willing to share his knowledge.  Donkeys are very good at telling you how things should be done.
I spent some time with Bodie this weekend, working on his feet and found him to be a sweet, lovable, well-mannered donkey with good feet.  His working days are mostly over though.  He is perfectly sound as a companion and he could do some light driving on level ground.  Bodie has many years of good useful life in him, but he can't do hard work and steep hills.

Still, he is a beautiful soul who has a great deal to offer.  Ramsey will never be a "working" donkey, but he has a very important job nonetheless.  Bodie could easily do the same and much more.  He could help teach othe donkeys how to lead, drive and behave with the manners befitting a gentleman. An ever-so-charmingly rakeish gentleman, but a gentleman still.

Honestly, if I had a bigger barn, bigger hay storage, bigger bank account.....I'd have another big donkey.  There is something very special about these mammoth donkeys.

They have a friendly, Zen-like calm mischievousness that really gets to me.  Truly beautiful inside and out.

But I have given in to temptation too much already.  It is someone else's turn.

If anyone might be interested in Bodie and you can give him the type of life a sweet, kind, gentle mammoth should have, send me an email at aerissana@gmail.com and I will pass on your contact info.

Bodie is not available as a guard donkey.  He is not well suited for it and we do not want that for him.  His also will not be "free to a good home".  The right people will understand what I mean.  Bodie is in no danger and his best interests come first.  We want what is right for him, he deserves it.

They all deserve it, but they don't all get it.


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful donkey knowledge! My husband is a retired UPS driver and used to see donkeys in his travels. He's always wanted one, so I love sharing your photos with him!