Friday, July 25, 2014

Time to make the hay

All the hay in our little world got mowed today.

We're doing things a bit differently this year.  I made a deal with the local dairy farm to bale and transport my portion of hay using his modern kicker baler, which throws the bales onto a wagon pulled behind the baler rather than relying on human hands to pick them up.  We were trying to make things easier.  I guess it's a good thing since it looks like none of our hay-help is going to make it this year and the jinx is still alive and kicking.  God does seem to enjoy a good laugh come hay time.

We're committed now, the hay is mowed. Here's hoping the weather will hold and no more equipment breaks.


  1. It looks so lush in that photo!
    Good luck in hay making. I know it is hard work. A kick baler is nice.
    We only have a few farmers around here still bale in small bales.
    Seems that everyone wants to go to large rounds.

  2. Praying for good hay weather for you... and forgot to tell you I loved the picture of the argiope in the last post.

  3. It;s time for hay here too. I wish we had one of those pitch into a wagon kick baler machines. Hauling hay is not fun by any stretch of the imagination.

  4. Fingers crossed for clear skies and working equipment ;-)

  5. Good luck! We're getting a little panicky too. Still need at least 3500 more bales and don't see three dry days strung together in the whole 10 day forecast at the moment. Heavy overcast and cool here - can't dry hay in this but it keeps getting older standing there. Eeesh.