Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mother's Little Helper

"Hi bloggy peoples, it's ME Ramsey!  Ma has been whining about something called a my-grain and all the heat and humidity.  Really, i don't know why she'd be whining about having GRAIN, I don't get any grain, which is TOTALLY  not fair and if she's hot, I don't know why she won't just stay here in the barn and hang out in front of the fan, but that's just the way humans are ya know.  Whine, whine, whine.  So anyway, i decided that i would help out with the bloggy thing and also show you all how i help out with the house cleaning too.  I do like to be helpful."

"This is my most FAVORITE job: sweeping!"

"The key to good housekeeping is to really just throw yourself into the task."

"Go ahead and just get in there and get right to work."

"You can't be shilly-shallying around, worrying about getting your ears dirty,'ve got to have some enthusiasm, even if it is a dirty job.  Someone's got to do it!" 

"I  do know Ma appreciates all my hard work and there is such satisfaction in a job well done."

"Now, if I can just get her to share some of that grain...maybe if I tip this thing over again, she'll get the hint..."

"Bye for now bloggy peoples, i've got work to do!"


  1. You do such a good job, Ramsey. I'm sure it makes your mom feel better just watching you work so hard. I hope her migraine is gone real soon. There's much better weather moving across the country toward you so I hope the heat and humidity get pushed away. It's almost 20 degrees cooler here today in St. Louis than it was yesterday and the humidity is low. Good luck.

  2. too cute. :) hope the my-grain goes away!

  3. you can sweep my floor any time you want... hope mommy's grain is gone today

  4. Well done, Ramsey. Thank you for helping your mom with the barn work.

    I hope your mom feels better really soon. My-grains are not as much fun as you think.

  5. Oh Ramsey I am just managing to catch up on some blogs while my foal is asleep and you've brought a huge smile to my tired face - thank you! Keep on helping your Ma and I hope she gets over her my-grain, she has my sympathy they are awful! Hugs to you all x

  6. I've just got to have my own little Ramsey. I was sitting here yesterday looking at your last post when Poppy got home from work. Those pictures of baby Ramsey. He is the cutest sweetest thing ever! Anyway I talked Poppy into sitting down a minute and looking at Ramsey, hoping to make him want a donkey as much as I do.

  7. Thank you for brightening my day with this awesome funny and great post.
    I laughed as my donks do the same thing, usually in mud though!

  8. Funny - no matter how big Ramsey now gets - I'll see him as your baby donkey! ;)

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