Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Of dentistry, drool and flowers

Emma and Tessa finally got their teeth worked on this morning.  They both had some sharp points and needed some work, but nothing major.  Ramsey got a reprieve until next Spring as his teeth seemed OK for now.  It all went well.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures.  Hard to believe isn't it?  Let's just say: I am not at my sharpest in the mornings as I work nights and have to get up in the 'middle of the night' to deal with a morning vet appointment.  I walked out of the house without the camera.  Probably just as well, who really wants to have their picture taken while sitting in the dentist chair, drool running down the chin and glassy eyed?  Emma would have found it far beneath her dignity.  I am sure she would have had plenty to say on the subject.

Instead, how about some more Spring flower pictures.  Just the thing to try to envision while your in the dentist's chair.  And for you donkey owners out there, do be sure to have your donkey's teeth checked even if your vet says they don't need it.  I've had two vets tell me that donkeys don't have dental problems.  This is NOT true.  Dental issues are the second mot common health problem in donkeys, just behind foot troubles.  They need their teeth checked regularly.


  1. Delightful photos and yes I am foggy after a night shift also. Bleary eyed and cranky in the morning.
    We have teeth floating too and that is so important.

  2. How funny that we both had equine dental work on the same day! Your photos are so much lovelier than mine showing my donkeys in the clutches of the dental vet! Lucky Ramsey!

  3. Such beautiful photos. You have a good eye and you must have a great camera.

  4. Lovely shots! Even if the donkeys didn't get into the frame today. ;) Our vet showed me how badly Paco needed his teeth floated when he first arrived here.