Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chaos Reigns

So.   Blogger ate half my post about turmeric and now it won't upload photos.  Only Blogger knows why and it ain't telling.

I think everyone who uses Blogger knows by now that it is having some issues.  What is there to do but rant and rave and pray to google to get their s*** together?  Google are you trolling this?!

Last night at work, every single machine I work with had a major melt down.  One of these meltdowns happened while I was trying to clean up the ungodly mess made because someone on the day crew left a valve open on a waste container allowing toxic chemicals mixed with oil to spew out  all over the floor.  The marvels of modern medical technology at its best!

My car is making a bad noise.  Do you think it will go away if I turn the radio up?

I think the planets may be out of alignment.  It might be best to go back to bed and hide under the covers until it passes.


  1. Right? Why do these things always come in groups? Do you have to travel far when the car needs fixing?

  2. Oh no, I've had days like that.
    I do worry about every noise my car makes because it is an old thing. The mechanic who works on it patiently checks my noises and sometimes they are costly little noises.
    Dang Google and Blogger get your crap together!

  3. At this point, you really need to catch a break! So sorry.

  4. Yup, hiding under the covers until tomorrow is a well prescribed idea. Hope things only go up from here.

  5. Oh, I hear you! I recommend some Starbuck's or a little vino, whatever your preference. Put your feet up and enjoy ;-)

  6. It is always something! You need to scroll down and look again at "A cat and her boy". It sure makes me smile. What would you do without Ramsey?!

  7. Whew, at least there isn't five feet of snow on the ground!

  8. I do believe that Mercury is in Retrograde. Whatever that means...

    Sorry things are rough. I hope they improve drastically very soon!