Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Of Donkeys, Roping, Blogging and Activism

I have gotten several emails about another Donkey Roping event in Texas coming up on May 25.  I have mixed feelings about posting this.  One of the things I have learned well in the past year is about the immense power of social media, for good and bad.  The last time I posted about donkey roping, it  touched off a firestorm that still amazes me and frightens me a bit.  The end result was that we managed to cancel two donkey roping events, which is fantastic, but the whole thing also left me feeling a bit singed and wary.  I believe that radical fanaticism in ALL its forms is a dangerous and ugly thing and I have found that is difficult to be involved in any sort stand against injustice without encountering such radicalism.  On the other hand, if we don't speak out against cruelty, if we hide from it, is that not a way of condoning it? 

I believe that animals can and should work for us and with us.  My horses enjoy trail riding as much as I do.  My donkeys absolutely love going for walks in the woods with me and they would be perfectly happy to carry a reasonable load while doing so.  I know that roping is a very valuable skill, and there has been more than one occasion when I wished had such skill.  I even know that donkeys can be used in roping practice without harming or frightening them, I have seen it.  I could go out right now and toss a rope around Ramsey and he would think it is a fun new game.  He would bite the rope, tug on it, play with it and ask for more.  However, if I were to climb up on Gabe and chase Ramsey at high speed, only to throw a rope around his neck or his back legs and jerk him off his feet...well, if Ramsey survived, he would never be the same again.  He would not be the sweet, lovable, trusting friend/child/pet/companion that he is.  He would be what so many people have made of so many other animals, nothing more than a means to an end. A way to win a prize rather then being the prize he is.

My blog has become many things to me that I never envisioned.  It is a creative outlet for my long neglected interest in writing, a way to share my budding fascination with photography along with the joy and tribulations of donkey ownership.  It is, more and more, becoming a way to connect with people I would otherwise never know about.  It is a way to organize my thoughts and share some of what I have and am learning.  It is never going to be just one thing; just donkeys, just horses, just pictures,  just hoof trimming, just activism.  It is not just one thing because I am not just one thing.  I have many interests and I care deeply about many things, just one of which is how we care for, treat and think about our animals.  So I am posting this and will probably post other such things when I feel the need to.  That is after all, the beauty of blogging, it is and can be whatever the blogger chooses.

Today is World Donkey Day.  A day to think about and celebrate donkeys, which are wonderfully intelligent, loving, quirky, beautiful creatures who are more than a means to an end.  They are amazing animals who do not deserve to be brutally roped, dragged and thrown about as though they were no more than animated garbage.  So lets use our powerful, collective voice to once again stop this brutality.  Lets do it politely, resolutely, with kindness and without harsh words or hatred, because the means are the ends. 

The following information comes from donkeysdeservedignity
They will be posting further contacts and updates as needed. 


Casey Round 918-520-5208
email: and Facebook:

Dan Conway 806 339 5328 (Facebook: 

Brad Ingram 918 244 3732 (Facebook:

Guthrie Murray 918 533 6926

 Town contact info:
PO Box 277
Welch, OK 74369
Mayor is Winston McKeon

Craig County Sheriff: Jimmy Sooter 

210 West Delaware Suite 101
Vinita, Oklahoma 74301

I have been unable to find actual Chamber of Commerce info for Welch, but have the following info for the county seat of Vinita, OK. You can contact them and tell them that you will not be spending any money or visiting their communities due to the cruelty to animals going on in their county.

Vinita Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 882
Vinita, Oklahoma 74301

The following contacts are in state government and both serve on the Tourism Committees. Please write to them to make them aware of the event as well as the cruelty to animals #1685 law that is at the bottom of this blog post. Both of these men represent District 1 that includes Welch. (Thanks to the National Miniature Donkey Association for providing us with these two contacts).

Senator Charles Wyrick
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd. Room 535-A
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105
Home: 58500 E. 155 Rd.
Fairland, Oklahoma 74343

Representative Curtis McDaniel
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd. Room 539-B
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105
Home: P.O. Box 366
Smithville, Oklahoma 74957


  1. Thanks for a well thought out blog post. Blogging is a powerful way to communicate and more and more I find that it puts my mind at rest that there are many good people in the world. Keep up the good work!

  2. Brilliant, brilliant blog post. Thank you for all you do via this blog. Your writing is often powerful, always interesting and thought provoking. Love, love, love your photography. You are a gem and a true ASSet to the donkey community at large. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for your post and the contact information!

  4. I agree with every single word Ann W. said, wholeheartedly, and could not find a better way of expressing my reaction to your blog post. I, too, thank you, Kris.

    1. p.s. Forgot to say, another niiice new header! (Although center background would be a great spot for adding Tanner;))

    2. Hmmm, yeah that would look nice. The only trouble is that Tanner would never,ever, EVER put himself in that position. The only way it would happen is if I finally figure out how to actually use PhotoShop:)

      BTW, did you ever get a package from the Dancing Donkeys?

    3. Goodness. My heart just skipped a beat, and then sank... You sound like I should have quite some time ago, which makes me nervous! If you sent it by surface mail, it may take up to two months to get here, so--is there still hope that it's just slow, not lost or "lost"? Yes? Please???
      At any rate, thank you [double underline]!

  5. That is about as real as it gets!

  6. Well said, and I couldn't agree more! I just wish that these things would stop, once and for all. I will never be able to understand why some people cannot or will not see that this is barbaric and cruel, at best. Or is it that evil exists in many people's hearts and they just don't care? Does a buckle or a trophy have so much value? I just will never get it. My heart breaks for animals of all kinds who suffer cruelties at the hands of human beings in the name of "sport". Animals are emotional, intelligent, kind, trusting, curious, loving. They have likes and dislikes, they feel fear just like us. And all animals, regardless of their level of intelligence (like people) know when they are being mistreated. They don't like it, and don't comprehend why. All living creatures have a desire to be understood, and treated with dignity, respect and love. We all need that. Thank you for helping to try and stop these senseless ropings of innocent donkeys.

  7. This is your blog and you can do or say what you feel..everyone should respect that:)