Thursday, September 6, 2018

Donkey Disneyland

Since I am a mean, mean mom and I keep taking more and more grass away from my overly chubby herd, I am trying to make up for it a bit by letting them play in the woods every day. 

Most of the trees still standing in there are the unpalatable sort, so I am hoping they won't feel the need to kill them just because they can. 

Even is they aren't edible, the donkeys love playing in the woods. 

I suspect this is the first time Al has gotten to hang out in the trees.  He was rather surprised at the concept.

But he has experts to show him the ropes.

Welcome to Donkey Disneyland.


  1. Love all these shots . . . so very cool and serene looking. They are a lucky herd to have their own personal playground. And I think you're "The Best Donkey Mom"! :-)

  2. I have to admit, that Ramsey is looking particularly handsome lately with his shiny coat, and he looks very fit and trim!

  3. Donkey's in the woods are cute. It's okay to be a mean, mean mom if it's what's best for their health and well being.

    Happy weekend.

  4. What fun! I would love to just sit and watch them explore.

  5. What my GSDs wouldn't give to have such a paradise to explore. Rebecca2

  6. Nice, my donkeys preferred the woods grazing over pasture grazing, so many neat berry briers and wild rose bushes to take leaves from. The mules don't do a bad job either and generally leave trees alone.