Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Big Ben

Ben is continuing to feel a little better each day, though there is still some lameness and soreness. The vet is finally going to come out tomorrow and run some tests.  I have mixed feelings about it at this point as Ben is responding to my treatment and I am not sure the tests will really be helpful, but I need more medication for him and they won't give it to me without seeing him.  They were not very eager to see him last Friday when I wasn't sure he would live through the weekend, but quite keen now.

Thus is the way of the world.  It will be nice if we can at least get some real answers.  I have a nagging suspicion that those will be elusive.

Meanwhile, Ben is feeling mostly OK and continues to enjoy his most favorite pastime - food.  Ben does love his food.

Throughout all of this, Ben's appetite remained well intact.  If this particular donkey ever stops eating, then I will really know his world is ending.

And just because it is a miserable, dreary day and its been a miserable week, here is a random puppy video from a couple years ago.


  1. Poor Ben. I hope he continues to get better. It's hard when equines are ill. We have to figure it out. Sounds like you've been a really good Horsey Momma.

    Take care,

  2. Oh, gosh, Kris, doesn't say much about the vet profession, does it? I'm glad he's feeling a little better.

  3. He really is beautiful. Good luck Ben!

  4. I hope he continues to improve and perhaps the vet can give you a definitive answer.