Saturday, November 7, 2015

Trick or Treaters

I am sorry to have disappeared on you.  It's been a rough week and the next one doesn't look to be any better.  I will try to do better, but things are likely to remain erratic for a while yet.  All this leaving in the dark and getting home in the dark is proving to be hard on the brain cells.  And everything else.

Working nights has some serious drawbacks, but at least i get to see the sun each day.  Trying to hike in the dark is interesting.  Good thing I have a guide dog to keep me on the trail.

As usual, Emma and Ramsey do their best to cheer me up.  Last weekend, they decided that a bit of trick or treating was in order and showed up in costume.

Can you figure out what they decided to be?

Yup, a two-headed donkey.

Very scary.

They were looking for handouts of course....

....and they weren't gonna take no for an answer.

Fingers would do if that was all there was to be had.

You gotta watch those trick or treaters...

Especially the two-headed donkey kind.


  1. Did we not discuss pictures of Bess? This is not Bess. Not nearly as cute as Bess. Not nearly as entertaining as Bess. Need I say more? More Bess! (please)

    1. Sounds like Bess needs a blog....she would be very good at it!

  2. Just to stir things up...just as cute as Bess! (Ducking and running ;-)

  3. I have seen this two headed donkey thing occur in our pasture, sometimes we even get a mule/donkey mixture depending on the circumstances.
    I am sure that messing with your internal clock is causing quite a bit of strife in your life. I know I get messed up switching from days to nights and back again within one week's time.

  4. You mentioned next week not going to be any better. Does that mean this Day Shift Thing is only going to be for two weeks? Not seeing the sun could lead to "cabin fever!"

  5. Very scary indeed.
    Almost as scary as donkeys who AGAIN eat a hole in the barn.