Thursday, December 18, 2014

Physical Therapy

Ramsey's foot is doing well, he is mostly sound on it now.  The tendon in that leg is still a bit tight though.  No one is quite sure why his tendon contracts in such a short time, but it does - it's Ramsey.  The only thing to do for it is to encourage him to move around and use it so it will loosen up.  Since hunting season is finally over and he is sound again, that means we finally get to head out into the woods for some much needed physical therapy.

No PT session would be complete without a little reward afterward right?

Claiming the reward is not without its perils however.  Pull just a little too hard and you end up with a pile of snow dumped down your back.  Don't you just hate that?

It's best to stand back and contemplate the problem for a moment before diving in...

....and sneaking up on the issue from the side seems to be the best option....

....though not always entirely successful.


  1. Bless, glad he is feeling a bit better. Love the snow, I hope we get some here for Christmas :-)

  2. We're glad to hear Ramsey is on the mend and hunting season is over. Now all can enjoy the woods!

  3. Sounds like it was a great walk. I'll be headed out shortly although not with any equine, just perhaps a canine friend.

  4. I'm so glad you're back to your walks!