Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trick or Treat

"Hey Bloggy peoples, Ma has been all preoccupied latley and we have a question.  We tried to get Ma to explain and she said she COULDN't!   Maybe you can answer this for us....."

"We went for a walk down the road and there's this skeleton dude aiming a cannon at us!  What is up with THAT?" 

"So then we kept going and there was this tree with a dead body hanging in it only it's not a real dead body, it's made out of straw so we kinda thought maybe it was another hay net thingie, but Ma wouldn't let us eat any of it.  What is up with that?  If you hang up bags full of food, why shouldn't we eat it?"

"Ma just muttered something about stupid human tricks and we kept walking and there was ANOTHER tree and this one had little white plastic bags hung all over it.  We checked those out too and they couldn't be eaten either."

"So, you think you all could explain this too us?  We especially want to know why that guy wants to shoot us.  What'd we ever do to him?"

"psssst, Mom, you think we might at least be able to eat some of the pumpkins sitting by the mail box?"

"Those gotta be edible Kid.  See?  The flag is up on the mailbox thingie and everything.  I'm sure that  means we can eat 'em. 


  1. Hay Emma and Ramsey, Ma is a crazy human and all us crazy humans do that weird stuff on one day a year. that was nothin, you are lucky you didnt have dead skeltons popping out of boxes and a guy with a wooden leg swinging a big metal thing around! Tell Ma everyone on On DOnkey Time FB page says pumpkins are aok. you roll it like a ball and stomp and then eat, but too much - its a very special treat! your friend Pistol pedro and Badger

  2. Whereas my three ragamuffins were offered pumpkin and turned up their noses (see most recent post).
    What's up with that!

  3. Hmm Hi Guys Honey Bee and Tink here from over at Willows Farm . This is what we do in those pumpkin situation we wait a bit and usually for some reason those pumpkins out by the road end up exploding all over the place all over the place ( moms says something called "brats" explode them ??? Anway then we sneak in a few bites as we walk by ~ no one seems to care if you eat an exploded pumpkin hee hee

  4. Whoa! I love the creativity though.