Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Philosophical Question

It's been tough lately and once again, I really have to thank all of you.  The Internet is full of miserable stuff, but this blog community is really quite remarkable. You folks never cease to amaze me and you are why I keep writing.  Thank you.

To answer the one question about Tanner and Moss possibly having been poisoned somehow....I do not think so.  I think the only poison they got into is the same poison in us all - they got old.  It is a dog's one true fault that they do not live long enough and that's true for cats as well.  The average lifespan of a border collie is 12 years.  Tanner died four weeks shy of his twelfth birthday.  Most of his 6 brothers are all still doing well.  Although one died several years ago from cancer and the rest have all slowed down and become old men.  Scout battles arthritis and can't climb my stairs.

Moss had health issues since the day she got here.  She came to me loaded with every parasite you can think of.  She also had two severe injuries that I know of in her previous life - she was run over by a truck and she was trampled by a draft horse, both of which nearly killed her.  She crawled off to die after each accident, but somehow, she just didn't.  Add to that the burden of innumerable litters of kittens and chronic starvation - all those things take their toll.  She was not a young cat when she came here 6 years ago.

The timing stinks, but it is what it is.

So, time to move forward.  Time to think about the question everyone has been very politely NOT asking:

"Is Kris gonna get a new dog?" 

Maybe.  Probably.  I'm thinking about it.  I've been thinking about dogs a great deal lately - rescue dogs, shelter dogs, purebred dogs, mutts....

I've been looking around, doing some research.  Most of that is worth several blog posts all by itself if I can find the time and words to write about it.  The current world of shelter politics and marketing is.....interesting/disturbing.  Sad.  Always sad.

There are some good reasons not to get a dog at all.  I always leave my dog with FB when I am at work as I don't think dogs should have to be home alone for 9-10 hours at a time.  Doing that adds 20 miles a day to my already 70 mile commute.  I don't have cats in the house because I am allergic to them.  My allergy doc thinks I shouldn't have any animals in the house.  Actually, he thinks I should get rid of all my animals, sell my farm and live in a bubble.  One really shouldn't pay too much attention to doctors.  They're awfully depressing.

In the end though, I always circle back to the same old philosophical question:

If a life goes on without the company of a dog, is it any life at all? 

I suspect that if you happen to be the kind of person who understands that question, the answer will be self-evident. 


  1. We are all looking forward to seeing what new little furry friend you decide to bring home. I type this with a cat dozing in my lap and my Rotty/Lab softly snoring beside me.

  2. A life with a dog is definitely a better one. =) Incentive to wake up, get up, and move every day even when you think you don't need the medicine of movement.

  3. I can't read about Tanner or Moss without crying. They were both lucky to live there with you. So thankful for people who care for animals. Yes, I will be glad when you bring home your new dog. It will be good for you, and definitely good for the dog you get. :)

  4. Scout, Kelsey, and I are sure looking forward to your new puppy! We love puppies, well okay I love puppies, but they are willing to tolerate one! And just so you blog readers know....Scout might be a semi old man, but he is still ready and willing to take on angry bulls, rams, or grizzly bears, even though I don't let him do this anymore! He is happy to accompany me on all farm-related tasks, loves the truck, which doesn't start without him, and likes an adventurous hike as much as any puppy!

  5. Keep your eyes and heart open. After reading about the rowdy deer-vermin, it sounds like you definitely need a canine of at least medium size to teach them their bounderies.

    The new canine should like taking walks and be understanding of wary equines and felines.

    Definitely keep an eye out for another barn cat. Winter is approaching and the local rodents have probably already staked out their territory in the barn.

    Go ahead and write up your thoughts .. :) it may help.

    M in NC
    --> like FB, looking forward to the new faces! yes Faces :)

  6. Bless your heart, you've been hit pretty hard lately. Damn it all!! I'm so sorry...but, in answer to your question, I will always vote FOR a dog. Life is just better because of them, and I do believe that dogs make US better. :) And there are just so many in need of loving homes. You're so right about doctors - bah humbug! What do they know!? Your header photo is absolutely beautiful!!!!

  7. The Doc that suggested you live in a bubble was probably the same one, or related to the one that said i wouldn't have my own knees by the time I was forty. He has been wrong by 30 years, and still counting.

    I would be interested in a post on rescue/ shelter politics. Didn't know there was such a thing. Naive, I guess.

    My dogs have done OK alone for 9 to 12 hours. As long as they have food, water, shade and an enclosed place, they did all right.

    We have said several times "no more dogs", but we lasted 3 days to a week. Our life would be very lonely without one!

  8. Just so you know... I tried, after Abby died in May. Lilly was going to be our LAST DOG, period. LAST.

    Now we have Jester and Lilly. :-) He didn't take Abby's place, he filled the hole that was left.

  9. So sorry to read about another loss. I'm sure you will know when it's time to get/save another animal.

  10. Yes the rescue/breeder politics can get a bit hurtful these days. I think as long as you don't buy a pup from a pet store, thereby avoiding supporting puppy millers, in the end your decision should be acceptable. There are good reasons to get a pup or dog from a reputable breeder, and equally good but different reasons why a rescue might be the right choice for a person. It all depends on where one's life is at and what is needed from a dog at that time. And yes the answer of dog or no dog is pretty easy for me. :D

  11. Oh, what would life be without a warm nose goosing you when you least expect it? lol That aside, only you know when your heart will be ready to welcome in a new member of the family but something tells me it won't be too long until you do. I can't imagine life without the company of a dog, and a cat or two. They give us so much love and companionship but leave such a hole in our hearts when they depart but the rewards are too many to live without them. Happy hunting! ♥

  12. of course you will get another dog, people like 'us' cant' live without them. when the time is right it will happen