Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Photo Op

I think I have my camera woes straightened out thanks, once again, to a blog angel who doesn't want to miss any of Ramsey's antics.  I headed out to the barn this morning to let everybody know that they would be expected to do something fun for the camera.  Wouldn't you know, I find Ramsey already primping for the photo shoot.  

Typical celebrity, always angling to catch the paparazzi's attention...

oh so casually sunbathing on the beach...

flaunting his taught abs...

and posing for the camera.

Thanks SW, I hope you enjoy the pictures!


  1. morning yoga poses, he's an inspiration!

  2. That first pic is priceless. That's one happy contented rascal!

  3. No question about it! He's a perfect celebrity, calmly posing for his fans!

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. Love the pics of that beautiful boy!

  5. Brilliant! Not only sunbathing on the beach, but NUDE! Well, I don't see a swimsuit...

  6. Superstar donkey... Ramsey you always make us smile!