Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We Did It!

I took my entire herd for a trail ride in the woods!  Granted, it was a short ride, only about 20 minutes, but we did it.  We were on a trail, in the woods so it counts, right?  Right.  I don't have any pictures this time as it was all I could do to manage myself, my horse, the reins, lead rope, two donkeys, low branches, trees, etc.  The camera would have been the large brick atop the house of cards.

We definitely need to work on this some more as there were some complications, but it went very well for our first try.  I would like to have the donkeys simply accompany Tessa and I as Emma did when she went riding with us, but I am not completely certain that the two donkeys on the loose together might not stay with me.  It is a lot like going out with dogs, one alone will stay close, but two or more may go off exploring on their own (unless they're Border Collies of course!).  Maybe in time.

I had Emma on a long lead and Ramsey was loose, which did work well for the most part.  Tessa needs to neck-rein and work off my leg just a little quicker.  Emma needs to learn to follow a little closer and make sure not to end up on the wrong side of a tree, that was the biggest problem.   When I am on foot, she does very well at this, but that hasn't completely translated to leading from horseback.  We'll have to work on it out in the open until she gets it all figured out.  I also want to work with Ramsey on the lead and with him leading off of a surcingle on Emma.

We have a lot of work to do, but I am encouraged.  Ramsey is not up to long rides by any means, but I hope to be able to continue doing these short training rides.  If he and Emma learn this now, it will stay with them and be the foundation for what comes later when he is more mature and his foot is up for more.  Even if we never progress much farther (and I think we will), we are all having fun anyway and that's what counts.

And, as I don't have any pictures of our trail ride triumph, how about a picture of another small triumph.  A job finally completed.

I was starting to think I'd end up burning all of this before I ever got it stacked!  I can't tell you how glad I am to have this job done for now, I am extremely sick of firewood.

The BC however, remains unimpressed on all counts..."Have you completely forgotten how to throw a Frisbee?"


  1. Love your last three posts. The sky shots are fabulous, Tessa is a doll and I can't imagine stacking all that wood...I thought we had a lot.

  2. How long will that much wood last?

    1. It should be a whole winters worth. I hope.

  3. It looks like an engineer stacked all that firewood. You should earn a prize for "Best Firewood Stacker" of the year!

  4. I'd say that a 20 min trail ride with 2 donkeys in tow is a huge accomplishment. Not to mention that huge pile of firewood. You are quite the busy gal aren't you. Have yourself a margarita as a reward for a job well done!

  5. Congratulations! On both the magnificent trail ride and the completed firewood stacking!

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. Your last two posts have been wonderful. Harmony in the barn and your stacked wood looks like beautiful art. Life is good.

  7. Great woodshed!
    As for trekking with your herd, give it a few years and you'll be heading off for weeks at a time with Emma and Ramsay carrying all your gear ;D

  8. O. Tanner. I know you played frisbee that day!!!!

  9. Sounds fantastic, you'll have them all trained to trail ride together in no time! Can't wait to hear more about your expeditions :)

  10. You did it! This is all so wonderful, trail ride with all three equines AND all that very neatly stacked firewood AND the sweetest picture of Tanner yet :)

  11. YAY! Progress on the trail rides is great and take it slow and it will come together before you know it. They are all figuring it out. That is the prettiest stack of firewood I've ever seen.