Friday, April 20, 2012

A Scary Proposition

"Hey Ma"

"Yes Emma?"

"Tessa's been telling me about all sorts of trainers she heard about back in her riding days, people like Ray Hunt and Tom Dorance and John Lyons and Clinton Anderson, all sorts of people.  I think I should do that."

"You mean you want  to go to a trainer??"

"No no, of course not.  I don't need any training.  What a ridiculous idea." shudder "No, I mean I should give a training clinic."

"Uh, sooo, what, you want set up the round-pen and give lessons or something?

"Round pen??? Why would I want that!  You run around in circles enough as it is.  Look, I just thought that since I'm finally getting you broke in fairly well, I'd offer a few training tips."     

"Umm, thanks"  I think.  "I'm still not sure what you have in mind."

"I know, you humans are so slow.  How about you just do the typing and I'll take over from here.  It'll be like one of those web seminars you do.  They're all the rage now, right?"

"Well, I suppose we can give it a try."

"Good. I've even got a title all picked out, it's all about marketing you know.  Gotta have a catchy title.  How does this sound?:

Donkey Em's Tips and Techniques For Training Humans 

"Uh, well if you really have your heart set on it..."  

Stay Tuned for Donkey Em's Training Seminar



  1. Oooh! Boy! This is gonna be good! :D


    ps Love that photo!

  2. OKAY! Now we're talking! I'm all ears, he he!

  3. OH, this is going to be FUN!
    BTW I love that pic of Emma!

  4. Wonderful idea! I'm eagerly looking forward to your Training Seminar, Emma!