Monday, December 3, 2018

Super Powers

Connor's super power is to be every puppy's bestest uncle.  Right now, he is Ian's best friend, mentor, play mate, chew toy, babysitter and all-around pack instructor.  He shares babysitting duty with Kelsey, but he is the only one who has the energy and stamina to keep a 6 month old Border Collie puppy entertained and out of trouble. 

The dog couch may not survive much longer, but the puppy is growing well.

To get an idea of what it is like to raise Border Collies....just put these videos on continuous loop for about 4 hours every day, combine this with daily farm chores, many miles of hiking and running with the rest of the pack. 

Nothing to it.  As long as you can put two Super Powers together to wear each other out. 


  1. That could be a new weight lost program - call it "keep up with the Border Collie" :)

  2. I had to laugh, that is what it was like having a Jack Russell too. High energy and no stopping ! Love these, Connor is super! I am not sure that I will ever be prepared to try owning a border collie!

  3. I've been wondering how you kept up with the Border Collie Energy. Will Conner snuggle up to you on the couch now, without becoming a "shark?" Rebecca2

  4. Ah yes. I remember owning a BC. And all that that entailed....

  5. LOL gotta love when they entertain each other!